This vaporizer was mainly decided on by means of us because we are captivated with the Davinci IQ – this vaporizer has already performed over 4.6 stars from 17 opinions on line. You could be surprised through this small tool due to the fact you can begin using it without delay. With this herbal vaporizer you may fulfill each vape dream.

Davinci IQ

The higher you place the temperature, the higher the taste of your Davinci may be. Of course, this is continually a depend of personal enjoy – but agree with me, you will be delighted.

Why are we so curious about the Davinci? Quite clearly: the IQ has a 10-year assure, a replaceable battery, a ceramic-zirconia mouthpiece / steam path, in addition to very progressive and smart software program that certainly unfolds together with the app.

Pax three vs. Davinci IQ size:

Davinci IQ size
Davinci IQ size

The Davinci absolutely does great right here: this pocket vaporizer is fantastically realistic. You continually have it with you, however it may without a doubt be hidden without attracting lots attention. Its size hugs your hand and accompanies you everywhere.

The PAX 3 nevertheless protrudes a piece from the hand, however the DaVinci IQ can be completely hidden within the palm of the hand. If you’re seeking out a powerful, yet very compact vape, then the DaVinci IQ is the proper device for you.

Davinci IQ execs & cons:

With the DaVinci IQ you can exactly set the temperature among 120 ° C and 220 ° C. This mode is referred to as “Precision Mode”. The DaVinci additionally has four special “Smart Paths” that increase among one hundred eighty ° C and 220 ° C in 10 ° steps – so you can discover the desired temperature faster. In “Smart Path Mode” the DaVinci is ready for 10 minutes till it switches off routinely. With the DaVinci IQ, the rule “trying is higher than reading” applies. It can make an effort to master the diverse options and applications, but then the IQ is a tool that does the work for you.

Of direction we would love to provide you the exceptional assessment of this small vape and ought to then name the disadvantages: You must word which you have to devise as much as four hours of charging time for the charging time. Better buy a few extra batteries, which of direction may be changed so you can use them if you have to charge in between.

After the battery is completely charged, the battery may be used for up to eighty mins.

Davinci IQ App Info:

The app is very useful for, but isn’t definitely vital for using the vape. You can set the Precision mode, Boost mode, LEDs or different settings without delay at the vaporizer and also you don’t always have to use the app.

However, you need to use the app if you want to modify your Smart Path mode and need to go into a bit greater detail. The opinions approximately the app is consistently effective and most users are obsessed with it.

All Smart Path modes are completely adjustable for consultation period and temperature. You can take screenshots and without a doubt percentage them with pals to share your wonderful stories with them. The app connects to your tool via Bluetooth with none troubles and could be very easy to apply.

Compact, innovative and sensible: this is probably the pleasant way to describe the IQ. If you’ve got the vital exchange, this vaporizer is the fine preference.


The Crafty + has a 5-famous person score from 25 special critiques – no other vaporizer is more popular with customers. The Crafty is simple to apply – it uses a one-button gadget and the whole thing else is controlled via the app. You can choose between forms of temperature settings – the standard temperature and the enhance temperature.

You can alternate the same old or boost temperature to any value among 40 and 210 ranges Celsius at any time.With the help of the app you can change the temperature precisely. The Crafty uses a hybrid heating device to preheat the device to the best temperature after which gently warmness the herbs to the factor of vaporization. The Crafty Vape is considered to be the first-rate dry herb vaporizer for maximum leisure. You also can certainly conceal the Crafty to your hoodie or on your pocket.

Crafty + Pros & Cons:

The gain anyhow is that the Crafty is one of the exceptional and maximum person-friendly vaporizers. It’s exceedingly consistent and the padding approach is precise. All you need to do is % your herbs in the herb chamber and get started. The Crafty could be very portable and available, however it is no longer as small as, for example, the Grasshopper or the brand-new Pax 3. It makes use of a hybrid conduction / convection heating gadget that produces very cool and simply clean trains.

The simplest drawback is the battery and its lifespan. It is not exchangeable and has to be charged more often, a complete battery is enough for around 3 classes or round forty-five minutes of use. The Crafty can, however, be charged through micro USB, so you can price it at any time. So, it accompanies you continually and at any time – so long as you have got a little persistence while loading.If you want a long battery existence and you do not mind the dimensions, you are better off with the Mighty, as it has a battery existence of round 6-8 sessions.