The Firefly 2 is one of the first-class portable “natural convection” vaporizers. We’ll also inform you why: The Firefly 2 vaporizer has 1 temperature putting for concentrates and five for dry herbs. The accurate component: it has 2 replaceable, rechargeable batteries and heats up within 10 seconds.

And it’s in which the unique revel in comes from: thanks to the short warmness-up instances and the sturdy heating in mixture with an excellent steam density and excellent steam taste.

That’s why we think the Firefly 2 is the favorite among oil and dry herb vaporizers.

The new strength tuning characteristic from the Firefly 2 vaporizer app now also permits you to absolutely customize classes. The Firefly is quite clean to smooth and the chamber is a decent size for 1 or 2 human beings at the same time as it takes 45 minutes to fully rate the battery.

Firefly 2 vaporizer execs & cons:

It may be very clean that the Firefly 1 is heavy, huge, and had below common battery life. In evaluation, the Firefly 2 is greater than one hundred grams lighter, less difficult to hide / fill and the batteries are replaceable. A substitute battery is likewise protected in the scope of shipping – so you are always ready.

The only downside to the Firefly 2 Vape is that it takes a few enjoy and exercise to discover the way to use the tool perfectly. The Firefly 2 is operated otherwise than traditional vapes, however specified operating commands are included in the scope of delivery.

Tip: We propose which you upload an additional battery so that you can plan multi-day trips, hikes, concert events, festivals, etc. Then this can grow to be your perfect partner.


arizer solo 2

Arizer’s most recent natural vaporizer is an outstanding vaporizer. We may want to even go as a way as to mention it’s one of the great vaporizers made in 2017.

Even if the tool is similar in appearance and handling to the previous version of the Arizer Solo, it stands proud because of its progressed settings. The taste you get from this vaporizer is the purest of aromatherapy and the natural taste will blow your mind.

Even if the Arizer Solo II is small, it’s miles nonetheless no longer to be despised.

Because there is lots of strength in it. The hybrid heating gadget that comes out of this vape is exceedingly rapid with a minimum heating time of 20 seconds (3x quicker than its predecessor): speedy and correct vapor with lots of strength in the back of it. The complete temperature spectrum is available and you may exactly set between 50 ° C and 2 hundred ° C.

The Arizer is also actually brilliant because of its prolonged provider existence, you presently have about 20 classes of battery lifestyles consistent with fully charged battery. The LED show and the right temperature placing are also all motives why this vape is the “fan preferred”. The cleaning also seems to be very smooth. You can virtually empty your material and take it out and then clean the internal of the vape with soapy water or an alcohol swab. This vape will can help you sincerely revel in your herbs.

All those motives make a contribution to the fact that this vape is the darling of the vape community with regards to natural vapes.