weed vaporizer

In essence, a vaporizer is a tool used to heat cannabis and different materials to the factor wherein the active compounds pass into gaseous shape, developing vapor. This vapor is then inhaled, with the active substances entering the bloodstream through the alveoli of the lungs. This procedure isn’t the same as smoking, which relies on combustion.

Although the maximum famous vaporizers these days are small electric gadgets, this has not constantly been the case. The Jamaican steam chalices and water pipes are traditional types of a “vaporizer”.


These are portable handheld devices. Discreet, easy to use and equipped with powerful heating systems and adjustable temperature controls, these vaporizers are the perfect balance between table-top vaporizers and vape pens. These devices can be taken with you on the go and still ensure that vaping is enjoyable at home. The size of these devices is somewhere between the gigantic tabletop vaporizers and the super-secret pens.


weed vaporizer

There are many ways to consume cannabis, but the weed vaporizer extraction vapes is also becoming the main smoking accessory on the market. The vaporizers are on schedule to quickly capture the largest share of cannabis accessories market thanks to these factors.

Why the weed vaporizer is so popular.

There are several reasons business owners should expect the coat of cannabis to outperform the food and other methods of consumption of cannabis (in the United States):

Concentrates: Concentrates, usually sold as vapes, are the most popular product in California, America’s largest recreational market. Last year, cannabis concentrates sold better than cannabis itself in California for the first time (37 percent versus 33 percent), according to figures from BDS-Analytik.

The entire industry is moving towards vaping. In other states, the cannabis industry has a strong tendency to vaporize. According to statistics from the same research company, vape sales rose 69 percent in 2018 alone. In particular, sales of the CBD vape rose 105 percent in 2018 alone.

Demographics: The average vape user is younger. According to an online survey of Facebook cannabis users, the average vape user is younger than a non-user.

The weed vaporizer delivers stronger effects.

Whether the consumer is using a vaporizer for THC or CBD, it usually produces stronger effects than other weed accessories.

According to a study recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, cannabis vaping gave a stronger peak. In particular, the study found that people had higher levels of THC – the active ingredient in cannabis – in their bloodstream when they used a weed vaporizer.

In 2018, cannabis use among college students was highest in 30 seasons. As cannabis use increases worldwide, many consumers are looking for accessories that have a stronger impact.

Is a weed vaporizer a healthier alternative?

The subject of vapes and health is controversial. With the use of e-liquids by minors, the momentum is building to limit vaporizer sales. In addition, the distinction between tobacco and cannabis or products containing CBD is not always legally different.

When it comes to weed vaporizers, there is also some debate about whether liquid options are healthier than smoking the dry plant. There is concern that the dry plant will produce tar and carcinogens that could cause cancer. In this case, vaping can be a healthier alternative. One research showed that weed vaporizers reduced breathing problems caused by smoking cannabis.

However, the quality of the vape varies greatly from brand to brand. In liquid form, cannabis concentrates can come in contact with heavy metals, pesticides, and other carcinogenic materials, making vapor quality a major concern for regulators, vendors, and lawmakers.