If you are going for a pod, go for a refillable! The best refillable pods are the ones with durability and long battery life, and branded products can assure you that. Uwell, Asipire and Novo are all considerable brands to look into before you get yourself vape pen

Here are our top picks:

Pods usually have a battery life of 400-1100mAh. This means that the device can only take a few sessions before it runs out of battery power. But a good quality rechargeable vape can ‘full’ in about 90 minutes. Some of these devices feature low-temperature settings, allowing you to conserve battery. Again, some pods are simply popular for how high you can turn up the heat. 

The best pod vape for you would be the one that fulfills your requirements. Pods are usually great for smokers trying to quit or beginners new to vaping. Juul pods has become popular some time back. Juuls are typical pods, size and performance wise. However, the market offers better ones to go for so customer demography has shifted seemingly.

If you are a Juul user and you’re not quite content, find yourself the the best Juul alternative: Juul pods are great for salt nicotine liquids. Which makes it a great pod for those trying to quit traditional cigarettes. Any of the vapes mentioned above would be a great alternative for Juul. Moreover, Aspire, Lost Vape Orion and Smok can provide much higher configurations than that compared to a Juul. 

The SMOK Trinity Alpha Kit

The Smok trinity is a significant all-rounder in the market. The device houses a 1000mAh battery that can generate up to 16W. And what’s great about this brand is that you can bump that wattage up to 25! This vape pen comes with a Delrin MTL drip tip, a 0.6 ohm Nord Mesh coil and 2.8ml of liquid carrying capacity. 

Vapresso Aurora Play Kit

Go for Vapresso for covert vaping! This vaporizer is small and compact- a great replacement for e-cigarettes. The power range varies between 9-12.5W, supported by a 650mAh battery. There is scope to upgrade the vape to get higher wattage by changing the coils and/or different pods for vape juice and nicotine salt. 

Uwell Caliburn Kit

This vape feature Pro-FOCS flavor technology, and it’s powered by a 520mAh battery. It has an aluminum build with LED lights and a dual firing mechanism. The Uwell Caliburn is undoubtedly a great choice for a beginner and a cool gadget to hold. 

The Lost Vape Orion

The manufacturers of this company introduced vapes with the most advanced chipset in the market so far. They also used 950mAh batteries in almost all their pods, producing around 40W. Their vapes reportedly last for about 400 puffs per session, which is quite impressive for a pod. Two recognition-worthy products from the company would be the Q kit and DNA Go kit.

Cut to the chase! Take me straight to the best vape mod of 2020:

The best vape mod of 2020 can’t be crowned to one vape. The market thickens every month, with different types of vapes coming out from various companies. We had releases this year from high-end brands such as Inokin, Pax and Smok. All worthy vapes with multi-purpose functionality. One such vape would be:

The Mi-Pod is unique and produces great flavor. It packs a battery strong enough to power the device throughout the day, making it a convenient vape to commute with.

I think pods are a best fit for me, what is the best pod mod in the market right now?

If you’re new to the vaping world and you have no idea which brands to look into, then we have what you’re looking for. The VooPo Drag Nano and the SMOK Mico can be easily categorized as two of the best vapes for flavor if that is what you are looking for. However, for longevity, there’s Innokin EG and Aspire, making vapes with great battery life, MTL draw system, and ergonomic exterior. 

One piece of advice for all starters: buy a refillable pod. Refillables have different liquid holding capacity, and can be filled up quickly.  

How long do refillable pods last?

Refillable vape pens last for about 3-5 days depending on the user. ‘Refillables’ usually carry 2-2.8 ml liquid which can last throughout the day. But heavy users might face difficulty with battery life. Pod vapes have a small battery due to its compact size. These batteries can last as long as 3 hours and take 60-90 minutes to fully charge.