When it comes to vaping, you are already an expert and want something that will give you a premium vaping experience, no worries I got you. The Mighty vaporizer will give you the vaping experience that you are seeking and produce high-quality vapor to go with it.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for something discreet and portable the mighty vaporizer might not be your first or second option because it will fill your whole pocket. But it can ensure you with the following:

·         Big clouds

The cooling unit at the top will ensure that you have smooth vapor even at the highest temperatures. It has little to no draw resistance meaning you can enjoy your deep and quick pulls while being in big clouds without a worry.

·         Delicious flavour

Leave it below 370 degrees Fahrenheit to enjoy a more relaxed flavourful session.

Mighty Vaporizer parts

Mighty Vaporizer
Mighty Vaporizer

The following are parts you can get for your mighty vaporizer:

Budgie Bubbler

This is a vertical handheld water filtration tool that is designed especially for portable vaporizers like the Mighty.

Filling Aid for Crafty & Mighty

This will help you fill your chamber without worrying about losing your herbs along the way.

Mighty Mouthpiece Set

This set includes 4 Mighty mouthpieces and also comes with the O-ring seal.

The Mighty vaporizer is made up of the following parts:

  • A heater
  • 2 batteries
  • A filling chamber
  • Electronic temperature control
  • Cooling unit
  • Mouthpiece

Mighty vaporizer charger


This is the power adapter to charge the batteries. The Mighty Power Adapter from Storz & Bickel is an affordable option if your original adapter is lost or broken. The 110-volt adapter is used to charge the dual Lithium-Ion batteries of the Mighty Vaporizer. When you need to recharge all, you have to do is attach the power adapter to the vaporizer and then plug it in. It will take approximately 2 hours for your device to fully charge.

Mighty vaporizer battery

The portable Mighty vaporizer comes with two rechargeable lithium batteries that separate it from the vapes that are similar on the market the batteries are placed away from where the device heating container is. By doing this the battery does not absorb any extra heat and this helps preserve its long life. 

Mighty Vaporizers are many people’s favourite vaporizer on the market because of the following reasons:

1. Its great price

2. It is user friendly

3. It is of high quality

4. They have some of the best batteries on the market

Mighty vaporizer case

The Mighty Hard Case stores your device and accessories in custom, impact-absorbing foam that will keep your Mighty nice and secure when in transport. The foam is there to reduce the shock if you should drop the case and make sure the device is in place to prevent damage to the internal components. Its plastic exterior is also crush resistant to help shield it from its elements. 

Mighty vaporizer cleaning

Clean your mighty device at least once a week by doing the following:

  • Remove the cooling unit
  • Now pull out the mouthpiece and move the seal ring
  • Next, you need to unlock the cap lock and remove it by pressing on the one side and then pulling it up on the other side
  • Separate the cooling unit cap from the base
  • You can then remove the large seal ring by levering it out the notch by using the filling chamber tool
  • You will also need to remove the small seal ring
  • Now use the tool to push out the screen from above
  • Remove the lower screen
  • Now put all the parts in ethanol and let it soak for one hour
  • You can then clean the filling chamber using a cotton swab that has got ethanol on but be careful about getting any ethanol inside of the mighty you can put in a new screen, rinse all the parts, and put it back together again and your mighty vaporizer will be squeaky clean.

Mighty vaporizer price


Mighty vaporizer discount code

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Mighty vaporizer vs Airvape 

The mighty vaporizer has just the right amount of power that you want. It uses a mix of conduction and convection; this means your bowl and intake air is heated. This mighty vaporizer is simple, twist the top offload it, and then reload, it is as simple as that no extra loose parts to worry about. Then push your power button and pick your temperature.

Airvape X

airvape x
airvape x

AirVape X is one of the World’s leading vape models, that is made from the highest-grade materials, equipped with state-of-the-art super-fast heating technology and its quality is backed up by lifetime warranty.

The AirVape X uses a combination of conduction and convection technology to achieve the best heating in just 20 seconds to an optimal level. The X is the ultimate personal loose-leaf vaporizer featuring outstanding performance and the highest level of discreteness.

 AirVape X is the most portable option to vaporize substance with its perfectly designed pocket fit and the vibrating function discretely warns you when X reached the temperature and when the automatic shutoff timer goes off.

I hope you found this article interesting and helpful. Let us know all about your vaping experiences.