Pods are perfect for a beginner! Whether you’re a first-timer or just looking for portability, pods will serve the purpose nicely. The device is usually simple and comprehensible and administers a strong dosage of nicotine with every hit. The ever-growing vaping industry offers you countless options to choose from.

So, which pod system is the best?

There is a best for the best pod system for ‘flavor’, and the best for the best pod system for ‘cloud making’. Again, some pods are more preferred all around, for their long battery life, and some, for their portability.

Brands like Air, Novo, Orion, and Smok are reliable and offer a wide range of pod systems to choose from. Smoke and Uwell specialize in rich flavor delivery, whereas brands like Suorin Air provide impeccable build quality. 

Getting dizzy yet?

To help you out, here are our top picks and an insight to guide you through the best refillable pod systems available today:

The Innokin EQ Pod System is a great one to start with. It uses a Plexus coil system to heat and cool down the coils faster than any other pod system. The device also houses an 800mAh battery which gives it a longer life.

Popular brands to look into would be Aspire and Smok. The Aspire Breeze 2 kit, for instance, uses a U-tech coil to deliver flavor-filled vapor. The SmokTech Nord Kit, on the other hand, houses a 1100mAh battery. The coils used in this device are 0.6 and 1.4 ohm for dual purpose vaping– one makes more clouds and the other delivers rich flavor. 

Now that you know the top three brands you can take the first step—visit their stores! Ask for refillable pod systems and vape pens. While there is a market for pre-filled pods, refillables are a lot less hassle. They are easy to top-up anywhere, and last longer if well-maintained. 

How long does a refillable pod last?

A refillable usually lasts 5 days if you’re a light user. However, heavy users have reported even the best refillable pod system to last no longer than 3 days. So it comes down to your usage. Pods carrying more e-liquid (up to 3ml) can last 3-4 days for someone who vapes often. 

Consider the flavor when buying a vape. This is because vapes with a lower wattage can take longer to wick flavors with high VG concentration. So you can’t use any regular vape juice in a pod system!

The density of the liquid affects the efficiency of your device. To avoid getting dry hits, you can use any pod system with high wattage to vaporize a liquid with a high PG or VG ratio. You can expect to get a comfortable throat hit with a 50/50vg-pg ratio, thicker concentrations take longer to wick. 

Now in case you don’t know what VG and PG are— these are consumable alcohols, responsible for the dense vapor that comes out of your device.

NOTE: If you’ve already come across Juul products online, then consider high-end products only. Juuls are a great alternative for smokers trying to quit the habit. These vapes are much more portable and spare you from the complexity of using a high tech vaporizer. However, with the recent bad rep building up around Juuls, many are looking to switch it up. 

The best Juul alternative:

Here are some sought-after brands you can look into: Smok Infinix (250mAh battery, 10-16W output, draw-activated with 2ml liquid carrying capacity), Suorin Air (400mAh battery and a refillable two-piece cartridge design), Smok Novo (450mAh with 16W maximum power output), Mi-Pad (950mAh battery).