Vaping can be your way out if you’re having a difficult time quitting cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes and vape pens can help you train your brain’. The best vape for the job? Any pod or vape pen would do, as long as you can regulate the temperature. 

How does THAT work?

Nicotine, whether you vape it or smoke it, goes into your bloodstream through your lungs. The blood takes it to the brain where it signals for dopamine release. Now this hormone can cause relaxation and comfort, however, it also increases your heart rate and screws with your appetite.

So is dopamine a bad thing?

No. A natural secretion of dopamine is healthy and normal. But what smoking does over time, is that it makes your brain crave dopamine more frequently, and that’s why you get addicted to it. Along with that, you’re also taking in about 250 different types of chemicals that cause cancer.

Now, while there are benefits to using a vape to administer this nicotine into the bloodstream, it does require a whole lot of will power to rid yourself of the craving. And this is where temperature control comes into play. 


Three types of vapes can help you with this conundrum that you got yourself into. Cigalikes are disposable and look exactly like cigarettes. But vape pens can do a better job. They usually have a longer battery life and hold more e-liquid. Pod systems and mods are a bit more complex with multiple controllable features, long-lasting rechargeable battery, refillable tanks, and replaceable coils. 

Vape pens and pods with high tech features allow you to change between different temperature ranges (10-40W). What this means is that with lower temperature settings, the vapor would have low concentration VG-PG level and nicotine. Now the process is simple:

Lower the wattage/temperature/voltage with time. 

But try not to get restless with it. Don’t push your brain to make abrupt habitual changes. It doesn’t work that way! Just like regular cigarettes, it will take time for your brain to adjust and go back to its natural dopamine level. To help with the process, you can also use low nicotine concentration liquid or even zero nicotine fluids after a while.

So let me be clear, can vaping really help you stop smoking?

Take my word for it! Strong will power and the right gadget, that’s all you need. But is vaping a safe alternative to smoking? While there is no research on vaping and its effects on human health, it does save you from harmful smoke chemicals. Vapors contain VG/PG fluid mixed with edible flavor and nicotine, 95% safer to inhale. Besides, you’re cutting down on cancer-causing chemicals with a vape. Can’t beat that exchange with any logic. 


The vape market can be dizzying at times, especially if you’re a beginner, entering with zero knowledge. But if you know the right sources, you can find the best fit for your preferences, and start vaping like a boss!

Let me give you a little bit of insight:

The best vape pen to replace a cigarette would be The Morpheus E-Cig Kit. This device is powerful with 100W capacity and has long battery life. But you can also look into other reliable brands such as Aspire, Uwell, Som, Novo and many others. 

What is the most effective way to stop smoking?

The most effective way is the most time consuming as well. Now, this is because your brain takes time to adjust to changes and break old habits. When you use a vape pen or a pod to sequentially administer a lower dosage of nicotine into your bloodstream, your brain responds to the change. And over time, it fixates on the new changes. 

All you need, to accomplish that, is a pod or vape pen with a simple 3 steps adjustable temperature setting.